Alfresco Day Roma 2015

Alfresco Day Roma 2015During the next Alfresco Day here in Rome on 17th November I'll be involved with a lightning talk.

My opportunity on this event is dedicated to describe what we do in Sourcesense with our new solution areas for implementing a complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform.

Considering our wide experience on working on Alfresco on different environments and the other Open Source partnerships that we have such as Crafter, MongoDB, LucidWorks and Atlassian, we surely know how to improve your platform for managing your own and valuable contents.

SourcesenseI would like to create opportunities for sharing particular cases about your potential platform that can be discussed around our Sourcesense desk.

This is also a good opportunity to meet some important people of Alfresco, specifically I'm talking about these guys:

  • John Newton (CTO and Co-Founder, Alfresco)
  • Paul Holmes-Higgin (General Manager Activiti, Alfresco)
  • Derek Hulley (Founding Engineer, Alfresco)
  • Gabriele Columbro (Senior Product Manager, Alfresco)
  • Maurizio Pillitu (Senior DevOps Engineer, Alfresco)

You will understand better what Alfresco is preparing for the future and how they are approaching the new developer tools available now.

You can take a look at the agenda on the official event page and eventually track the event on Lanyrd with your Twitter account.

See you soon at the event ;)

Below the slides of my presentation:


You can find me at 3:09 of the following video :)