Alfresco 3 Web Services

by Ugo Cei, Piergiorgio Lucidi

Build Alfresco applications using Web Services, Web Scripts and CMIS.

Printed: 436 pages 

Publisher: Packt Publishing 

Release date: August 2010 

Language: English

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the specifications of Web services
  • Implement the Alfresco specific Web Services
  • Get to grips with the Alfresco WebScripts and the Alfresco extensible RESTful API
  • Manipulate contents in Alfresco using different operations and APIs
  • Learn about the CMIS specification and its Alfresco implementation
  • Hands-on approach with examples built over the course of the book



Jeff Potts - ecmarchitectdoquent

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  • Author: Ugo Cei, Piergiorgio Lucidi
  • Reviewers: Adrian Efrén Jiménez Vega, Amita Bhandari
  • Acquisition Editor: Steven Wilding
  • Development Editor: Mayuri Kokate
  • Technical Editor: Vishal D Wadkar
  • Copy Editor: Leonard D'Silva
  • Indexer: Hemangini Bari
  • Editorial Team Leader: Aanchal Kumar
  • Project Team Leader: Lata Basantani
  • Project Coordinator: Jovita Pinto
  • Proofreader: Lesley Harrison
  • Graphics: Geentanjali Sawant
  • Production Coordinator: Aparna Bhagat
  • Cover Work: Aparna Bhagat