Alfresco 3 Cookbook

by Snig Bhaumik

Over 70 recipes for implementing the most important functionalities of Alfresco.

I contributed on this book as Technical Reviewer.

Printed: 380 pages

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Release date: July 2011

Language: English


  • Easy to follow cookbook allowing you to dive in wherever you want
  • Convert ideas into action using practical based recipes
  • A comprehensive collection of alfresco recipes covering the API, Freemarker templates, external integration, web client, and much more

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  • Author: Snig Bhaumik
  • Reviewers: Piergiorgio Lucidi, Adit Patel, Khazret Sapenov, Snehal Shah
  • Acquisition Editor: Steven Wilding
  • Development Editor: Alina Lewis
  • Technical Editor: Gauri Iyer
  • Copy Editor: Leonard D'Silva
  • Project Coordinator: Shubhanjan Chatterjee
  • Proofreader: Mario Cecere
  • Indexer: Tejal Daruwale
  • Graphics: Nilesh.R.Mohite
  • Production Coordinators: Adline Swetha Jesuthas, Arvindkumar Gupta
  • Cover Work: Adline Swetha Jesuthas, Arvindkumar Gupta