My name is Piergiorgio Lucidi and welcome to my website!

You may remember me from such technical books as Alfresco 3 Web Services or GateIn Cookbook and also for my Open Source involvement in the Apache Software Foundation, Alfresco or in the JBoss Community. You can find me as OpenPJ, PJLucidi or PierJ around communities.

I'm an Open Source enthusiast grown up playing videogames and programming with Commodore 64 and AMIGA computers. Then I started to initially use PC DOS then Windows and finally I approached to Linux.

I work at TAI Software Solutions as their Chief Technology Evangelist and Enterprise Information Management Specialist integrating, improving and extending smart content platforms for customers. My main expertise fields are related to areas such as ECM, Capture, WCM, BPM and Portals.

I contribute at Packt Publishing as Author and Technical Reviewer, my first book Alfresco 3 Web Services was published in August 2010.

My experience in programming and development was built thanks to the Open Source communities that helped me a lot. That's why I decided to contribute in some Open Source projects in the JBoss Community for portals and then in the Apache Software Foundation.

I'm certified on the following platforms:

  • Alfresco Certified Instructor
  • Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer (ACSCE-5X)
  • Alfresco Certified Administrator (ACA-501)
  • Alfresco Certified Engineer (License XDAC59)
  • Alfresco Certified Administrator (License Z4NRWX)
  • Alfresco Recognized Developer
  • Crafter CMS Certified Architect and Developer
  • Adobe CQ5 Certified Developer

I'm also contributing at these companies, foundations and communities with the following roles:

  • Reviewer of new white papers and toolkits @ AIIM and 3D PDF Consortium
  • Member, Mentor, PMC Member and Committer @ The Apache Software Foundation
  • Author, Technical Reviewer and Affiliate Partner @ Packt Publishing
  • Project Leader @ JBoss Community

I'm an open source enthusiast, Creative Commons Supporter, and I'm trying to expand open culture joining barcamps and open events.

As a jazz guitarist, this is my second job, I released my music works under Creative Commons License. I started to play guitar at the age of sixteen with passion after a lot of listening Jazz and Blues music, now I'm one of the co-founders of LOB Tech Tones Jazz / Fusion band. 

Don't be shy and if you send me a message or we met at some events call me PJ :)


All photography provided by Jared Chambers