Book review: WildFly Cookbook

WildFly Cookbook coverThe next generation of the JBoss application server now is named WildFly and Packt Publishing has recently released the first book about it.

WildFly Cookbook is written by Luigi Fugaro, he works at Red Hat as Senior Middleware Consultant. Luigi has a strong experience in Java Enterprise as an architect of modern and complex solutions based on JBoss technologies.

The cookbook follows a pragmatic approach giving the possibility to get your hands on many aspects of this new container. Each recipe will show you an example of how you can achieve a specific goal about deploying, monitoring and configuring your server instance.

I'm pretty sure that probably if you don't know nothing about WildFly you will be active and productive in less than 15 minutes. During this period you will understand very quickly how to manage your application for the basic operations.

The structure of this book consists of 15 chapters divided per specific task, so it is very easy to search your specific task and read how to cover it in just some minutes.

Obviously the book is dedicated to Java developers and architects but you don't need to know nothing about the previous versions of JBoss AS. This because WildFly is very different and the core implementation is totally new.

So don't worry if you don't know nothing about JBoss AS, I'm sure that you will understand all the basics described here but probably you could have some problems just with a few of the recipes.

Personally I think that this book is very well written and it is an essential guide for any developer that wants to manage WildFly in a good way. It is a quick and complete reference that every developer need to have for applying a wide range scenario of cases for their applications.

Finally I have to say that it is very easy to follow each recipe and I didn't found any issues during my labs.

I have very appreciated the chapter about how to register WildFly in the cloud with OpenShift and how to use it with Docker. This is very important because in this way Luigi gives a particular attention on modern architectures.

I would like to thank Packt Publishing for providing me a digital copy of the book.