Mentoring at Google Summer of Code 2018

Another year has passed and even this year, for the fifth time, I was involved as a mentor during the last Google Summer of Code 2018 on behalf of the Apache Software Foundation.

Google Summer of Code is a program that allow students all over the world to contribute on Open Source projects during summer (3 months). The core of this program model consists of three main actors:

  • Google provides the platform
  • Students inside any registered university
  • Mentors on behalf of Open Source organizations

For this edition we received a lot of interest by students, even if we only consider Apache ManifoldCF project, we have been contacted by four students. 

Irindu Nugawela applied to the program choosing to implement the new MongoDB Output Connector. This new connector will let you migrate your contents from any content repository supported by ManifoldCF to any MongoDB instance.

I want to share below the complete description of the original task because it is very clear to everyone that it consists to implement a little but complete project. It includes activities such as analysis, design, implementation, documentation, unit and integration testing:

This is a project idea for Google Summer of Code (GSOC).
To discuss this or other ideas with your potential mentor from the Apache ManifoldCF project, sign up and post to the list, including "[GSOC]" in the subject. You may also comment on this Jira issue if you have created an account. 
We would like to extend the Content Migration capabilities adding MongoDB / GridFS as a new output connector for importing contents from one or more repositories supported by ManifoldCF. In this way we will help developers with migrating contents from different data sources on MongoDB.
You will be involved in the development of the following tasks, you will learn how to:
- Write the connector implementation
- Implement unit tests
- Build all the integration tests for testing the connector inside the framework
- Write the documentation for this connector
We have a complete documentation on how to implement an Output Connector:
Take a look also at our book to understand better the framework and how to implement connectors:
Prospective GSOC mentor:

This new component was totally implemented, documented and tested by Irindu and it is currently merged in the trunk. This means that it will be released in the next release of Apache ManifoldCF! It is also mentioned as a success story inside the GSoC 2018 projects list.

It was a pleasure to work with Irindu and I hope that he can continue to contribute on the project in different ways. 

I'm so proud about this latest work and I would like to thank Irindu Nugawela for his great job done during this summer.

Thanks also to Chris Di Bona from Google for sending me the Certificate of Appreciation.