Alfresco Meetup Rome 2018 - Wrap up

The last week I joined the Alfresco Meetup here in our sunny Rome and I had the opportunity to show some of the latest improvements that we are going to release in Apache ManifoldCF. 

This was another great chance for me to invest time for the benefit of two entire communities: Apache and Alfresco :)

Organizers and location

The event was organized by one of the most active italian members in the Alfresco Community: David Ciamberlano. David is one of my former colleagues and thanks to his enthusiasm he found some time to invest for arranging a community event.

What David did is huge and I just want to thank him and obviously Francesco Corti and Kristen Gastaldo from Alfresco for their energy in bringing contents and discussions in local communities.

The event was hosted by Logica Informatica where Aldo Pergjerji and his colleagues was so nice and they managed all the logistics for achieving a very good and friendly moment.


The real value of meetups are the discussions so the sessions was just an initial sprint for trying to start sharing experiences, issues and give some examples to solve problems.

Fammi vedere come si fa con ADF (Angular)

David started to introduce the event to attendees and after this initial start, Francesco Corti shown us the basics of the new Application Developer Framework proposed by Alfresco. This framework is completely dedicated to support frontend implementations on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

Francesco created a new frontend application from scratch using ADF and he applied some basic customizations inside Visual Studio Code.

This was a very nice hacking session that can give you exactly what you need to customize the app: you just need Angular skills and you only have to understand which existent Angular components Alfresco gives you available inside the framework.

Smart Content Migration using Apache ManifoldCF

The next session was mine and I discussed about the new capabilities available in Apache ManifoldCF, I'm talking about Content Migration. I prepared an updated presentation compared to the previous one that I held during the Alfresco DevCon 2018 in Lisbon with Luis Cabaceira.

The current state of Content Migration inside ManifoldCF is the following:

  • CMIS Output Connector was released in April: so you can migrate contents into any CMIS-compliant repo

  • Alfresco BFSI Output Connector is currently in development but we should release it in the next release. Thanks to Luis Cabaceira for this huge contribution!

  • MongoDB Output Connector is currently in development by Irindu Nugawela (GSoC student)

  • A brand new website is currently in developing thanks to David for his xdocs-to-markdown converter

Content Migration architecture included in the latest release of Apache ManifoldCF

Content Migration architecture included in the latest release of Apache ManifoldCF

Alfresco Content Service Deployment con Docker e Kubernetes

The last session was held by David and he shows us how to use Docker with Alfresco. The good thing here is that David started from scratch and he introduced the container topic very well. David explained the benefits of using containers in a development and production environment using Alfresco.


As usual when community members meet together a lot of interesting and funny things happen. I have to say that it was amazing to meet all of you!

Thanks for all the great discussions and I hope to have another opportunity here in Italy to meet other Alfresco Community members ;)