ASF at Codemotion 2018 - Wrap up

The last week I joined Codemotion Milan together with Luciano Resende and Giovanni Bechis on behalf of The Apache Software Foundation as Community Sponsor of this event.

I am very proud to have brought the Foundation to Codemotion and I’m pretty sure that this new partnership will bring benefits to each side.

The Foundation can spread good practices in terms of Community adoption, welcome new contributors and Open Source culture. Codemotion can count on us for bringing fresh new contents born directly from Apache Incubator or any other ASF Top Level Project.

We can contribute on different areas such as inspirational talks and community diversity and we hope that in the future we can also cover these topics at the next Codemotion events.

Codemotion kindly gave us a booth available in order to:

  • spread The Apache Way (our Governance Model for Open Source projects)

  • make easier for attendees to understand how to stay in touch with us

  • explain how to become a contributor

  • give away our fantastic stickers

We spent two entire days talking with a lot of people very interested to learn more on the Foundation and its projects, I mean that they really were not only interested to grab our fabulous stickers ;)

From our side we contributed to the conference with two sessions, the first one held by Luciano about Scaling interactive workloads across Kubernetes Cluster. The room was entirely filled with interested attendees that also asked questions at the end of the sesssion.

The second session was Do you need a Service Mesh? held by Ignasi Barrera at Codemotion Madrid. Ignasi was at the event together with Santiago Gala for taking care of the ASF booth at the spanish edition of this conference.

At the end of these events we can say that we found new contributors but also new companies here in Italy that made their own offices available to organize Apache Meetups: this is absolutely amazing! Stay tuned ;)

Thank you so much to all the people that stopped at our booth for sharing experiences, questions or simply say <<Hello!>> and grabbing our stickers.

Finally I would like to thank Codemotion for giving us this great opportunity to participate at this event in three different locations: Berlin, Milan and Madrid.