Alfresco Meetup Firenze 2018 - Wrap up

I received an invitation from Commit University to contribute at the last Alfresco Meetup as one of the speakers, the event was directly organized by them in Florence the last week.

As an Alfresco Meetup we also had the pleasure to have Francesco Corti among us, Francesco now is playing the Product Manager role at Alfresco and he is a strong community member. He is putting a lot of effort in supporting communities and events around Europe. Francesco played very well the role of Product Evangelist during these years and his participation gave an important value to the overall meetup.

It was very nice and funny to talk with all of you and I also had the opportunity to meet in flesh and bones other Alfresco community members.


Design your own BPM Program Strategy with Alfresco Process Services

The idea of the topic was born from my experience and feedback on the field in the last year, so I decided to talk about the new BPM platform of Alfresco.

I wanted to explain how to build your own BPM Program Strategy using Alfresco Process Services, this because during my latest mentoring activities done in TAI Solutions, I’m continuing to see the same issues that system integrators and customers actually have in APS projects. I think that there is a lack of education, documentation and best practices around the BPM area.

The issues are typically related to how they approached to the project and are not related to the APS platform itself. When I’m involved in this type of activities, the solution for making the project totally supported from Alfresco and production-ready is to implement a steering plan focused on solving all the issues.

90% of issues are related to a wrong approach to manage the project itself, this means without following any well-known best practices. And when I say well-known I mean related to the community and the ECM or BPM domain.

The real cause in general is not related to technical stuff but it is related to the lack of communication or something totally not considered before starting to write the code.

The main idea behind my session was to help developers and business analysts avoiding issues and taking the advantage of International Standards and Best Practices. Following these practices will make easier to reach the real value and goals for any project.

I received a lot of questions about how to approach a new project or how to implement some specific scenarios using APS. This is the objective proof that this topic should be disseminated in greater detail also in the next Alfresco events. Hope this helps ;)

Alfresco su Misura

Andrea Agili from Dr. Wolf explained how to approach a project and how to manage some strange requests from the customer that can create issues if not considered in the right way. He used some real world examples taken from his own experience and I liked the pragmatic approach that Andrea given to his presentation. He shows also very well how the Alfresco Digital Business Platform is flexible on creating your own client application on top of Alfresco REST API.

Introduzione ad Alfresco

Francesco Corti shared about the new approach of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and he demonstrated how to quickly build a new application from scratch using the new ADF framework provided by Alfresco.

I would like to thank Commit Software for arranging this Alfresco Meetup and all the community members that joined us for sharing experiences around Alfresco! Thank you all and see you at the next event :)