My involvement in Microsoft TAG Team and Build 2017

I'm proud to share with all of you that Microsoft invited me to join as a member of their Technical Advisory Group for contributing in the Open Source area for improving interoperability and Cloud SDK.

I can bring my experience built working in different communities in terms of Open Source approach, integrations, SDK and information management. I'll keep you updated about the TAG Team results during the next weeks.

Another important contribution that I would like to give is also during the next Build 2017. This is the annual summit of Microsoft where thousands of developers share their own experiences and keep updated about roadmap of each software area.

This is a great opportunity to take a look at the latest technology and innovations proposed in the Microsoft ecosystem. I'll join this event in Seattle from 10th through 12th of May and probably I will be involved in some roundtables for talking about Open Source, SDKs and Content Services.

I will have the pleasure of traveling and joining the event with other two enthusiast guys:

  • Alessio Biancalana is an Open Source enthusiast and a master of software craftmanship using agile and smart technologies. He is one of my former colleagues here in Sourcesense and he is also contributing in the Microsoft TAG Team but in a different area.

  • Andrea Benedetti works at Microsoft as Director of Technical Evangelism and he will guide us during the event on all the aspects, roundtables and in all the activities where we can give a potential contribution.

Feel free to contact me if you want to arrange a chat (or a couple of beers :) ) with me during the event and I'm looking forward to share experiences with MVP and learn more details about the new Microsoft environment.

I would like to thank Microsoft and specifically Paola Presutto, Andrea Benedetti and Kamaljit Bath for introducing me in this new community and hope this helps :)