Apache ManifoldCF 2.6 and the new content migration feature

We are proud to announce the availability of Apache ManifoldCF 2.6, the Apache community released this new version on 30th December 2016.

Apache ManifoldCF 2.6 includes a new Slack Notification Connector and more than twenty bug fixes. If you want to take a look to all the details included in this new version, please visit our JIRA.


Content migration: the new swerve

We would like to share with all of you a hint about the swerve that the project is taking on the new roadmap. As you know Apache ManifoldCF is a crawler that allows you to manage content indexes in your search engines, this was the main goal of the product.

After a discussion in our development mailing list that we had in the last November, we have realised that probably migrate contents, and not only indexes, it can make sense for the prospective of this platform.

The Apache Community is investing effort for making content migration directly using ManifoldCF creating a set of Repository Output Connectors. The first connector that will be included in the next version will be the CMIS Output Connector.

Imagine a simple way for migrating your contents stored on any kind of repo (any supported vendor) to any CMIS-compliant repo.

Scenario of the content migration that will be provided in the next release of Apache ManifoldCF

The CMIS Output Connector is just the first connector of this new family, we will implement more of these during the next weeks / months.

This is a huge enhancement for the project and if you consider how many connectors are actually supported as the source for your contents, we are talking about a lot of potential scenarios covered by this new feature.

You will be able to migrate your contents stored on any of the following repositories: 

  • Alfresco (Legacy SOAP and REST)
  • Amazon S3
  • Atlassian Confluence
  • Atlassian Jira
  • CMIS
  • DropBox
  • Documentum
  • Email
  • FileNet
  • File system
  • Google Drive
  • GridFS
  • HDFS
  • JDBC
  • Meridio
  • RSS
  • SharePoint
  • Web
  • Wiki

Stay tuned ;)

The current registration process of the new CMIS Output Connector