Atlassian Roadshow 2016: released the new DevOps solution by Sourcesense

In Sourcesense we have organised the latest Atlassian Roadshow in Milan on May 19th. For this important event we have also presented our new DevOps solution based on Atlassian and Chef.

We have invited Vlad Cavalcanti (Experts Partner Manager) to share the new vision of the Atlassian suite and we also have invited Soiel International for helping us on arranging the event.

The event was overbooked and we had a lot of fun sharing experiences and needs from all the attendees.

I was involved as Partner Manager at Sourcesense and I joined the open discussion together with Vlad, the Atlassian references in Sourcesense. I also have introduced my colleagues of the Atlassian and DevOps Team for introducing our new DevOps solution and then I have contributed in the Question & Answers section.

You can find details and material with slides published in the official event page.

Below you can see the entire video and some photos of the event (more than 2 hours in italian language), we will probably add english subtitles on the video during the next week.

I suggest to take a look at the live demo of our new DevOps solution to understand the important advantage of adopting this new platform for managing your infrastructure in a very easy way.

Thank you everyone for joining Atlassian Roadshow see you at the next event!