My first contribution to the AIIM white papers

I'm proud to share with all of you that I'm involved in a group of reviewers for gardening white papers developed with the AIIM Community.

The goal of this group is to improve and refresh some of the Toolkits available in the Research section of the AIIM website.

Toolkits are strategic documents only available for AIIM Professional Members. The added value given by these white papers is that you can gather the expert advice plus the best of AIIM's community expert suggestions including best practices and smart input.

Each Toolkit helps you on defining and guiding your strategy in every field of Enterprise Information Management: starting from Information Governance, Business Process Management, Change Management until to Content Targeting and Case Management.

I'm specifically involved in the following toolkits:

  • How to Develop an ECM Strategy
  • How to Start Planning Capture 2.0

My contribution in the AIIM Community is also officially on behalf of Sourcesense.

I would like to thank Betsy Fanning (Director at AIIM) for giving me the opportunity to contribute on these strategic documents that are very important for any professional in the Information Management field.