Sourcesense is hiring in Amsterdam and London

Sourcesense logoAs many of you know I work at Sourcesense as Open Source ECM / WCM Specialist, and the company now is hiring in Amsterdam and London.

Sourcesense is an European Open Source systems integrator providing consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies with offices in London, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome.

We love to hire so committers and allow them to keep contributing as much as possible while delivering value to our customers. In fact among my colleagues there are Apache members, JBoss committers and committers to all kinds of projects.

Both the Amsterdam and the London offices are looking to permanently hire software crafts(wo)men with a passion for Open Source and knowledge of at least some of the following (long list I know, it's just an indication of the technologies we usually use):

Above all:

- Java
- Apache Commons (Jelly, Collections, Logging, Lang, Beanutils, DBCP, Digester, Net, Pool)
- Maven
- Spring
- Lucene/Solr
- Jackrabbit
- Javascript, JQuery, GWT
- Hippo

but also:

- Sling
- Hibernate
- Axis, DWR, Dom4J, JDom, Xerces, STaX
- EhCache
- PicoContainer
- EasyMock, PowerMock, JMock, Mockito
- many more :-)

If you are interested, please send an e-mail with your CV/resume at If you want to know more details about the open positions you can visit the official careers page.

If you are not interested but know someone who might be, please pass this information along using the Email Article or the Share Article feature shown below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S.: NO third parties applications, thanks