Another book contribution: Alfresco 3 Cookbook

Alfresco 3 CookbookAlfresco 3 Cookbook Book CoverYesterday Packt Publishing published a new book about Alfresco titled Alfresco 3 Cookbook written by Snig Bhaumik. I was involved in this project as Technical Reviewer.

This book is written for software developers that needs to know more on Alfresco, and quickly, in order to implement their own ECM system.

The recipes approach works very well in this context because readers can take a look at the proposed scenario and then it is possible to follow the solution and going on details in a deep way.

The cookbook contains many recipes dedicated to show how to implement real-world common features on Alfresco. Each recipe will introduce you a scenario with the related solution that can be based on a configuration or a specific Alfresco implementation.

All the solutions are shown in the book with step-by-step instructions that can be easily followed by readers and after the detailed solution, there is a section dedicated to the analysis. In this way readers can understand in a better way what the book describes for the specific solution, what was done, why and finally adding more details about the topic.

The table of contents shows all the topics discussed in the book and Packt published the entire chapter about the Alfresco JavaScript API for free. In this way you can evaluate the overall quality of the book before buying it.

I would like to notice that to write a cookbook about Alfresco is not an easy task to accomplish and I think that Snig has done a good job, congratulations!

I would like to thank Packt Publishing for the opportunity of this important contribution!