Apache Members at OpenExpo Europe 2018

I'm very proud to contribute in different ways during the next OpenExpo Europe on behalf of The Apache Software Foundation. The event will be held the next week, on June 6th and 7th, in the fantastic Madrid!

We are very happy that this year Apache is involved so deeply in this edition of OpenExpo with a dedicated booth, contribution inside the Trends Book 2018 and with some interesting talks provided from Apache people.

Apache booth

We are involved in this event as Community Sponsor and this means that we will bring our own booth at the conference.

I'll be there together with other two Apache Members: Ignasi Barrera and Luciano Resende.

We will take care of the Apache booth duty inside the Startup & Community Village. You will have the opportunity to grab some cool stickers of your preferred Apache projects and share some feedbacks and questions with us!

You will also have a chance to win a special gadget playing our fabulous game. Do you will have enough luck to win the prize? Come to our booth and try to recognize more Apache logos as you can!


Open Debate

During the second day of the conference we will be involved in the Open Debate, we will share our experience on building a community considering all the challenges projects face when going Open Source.

If you are interested to bring your project in Open Source, you may want to understand which issues you could have and how to engage people inside your project for building a healthy Community. There are some practices to keep in mind from gardening your documentation to resolving conflicts within the community itself.

Finally if you want to adopt the collaboration model born from the Open Source ecosystem inside your company, you can also evaluate to approach a complete governance model such as InnerSource: your Team will work as an Open Source community.

So if some of these topics are your current goal, come and join the discussion during the Open Debate on June 6th at 16:05 inside the Open Circle Theatre. We are looking forward to listen all of your questions!


Open Source Trends Book 2018

Every year the Advisory Board of OpenExpo publishes the Open Source Trends Book where they asked to some experts to share their own opinions about the future of Open Source. 

This year you will find my personal quote at page 85 of this book and it also includes other quotes from other Apache Members, PMC Members and Committers.

The presentation of the new edition to the press was held on January 31th and you can see the complete live session on their official YouTube channel

Open Source Trends Book 2018 - Experts

Apache Talks

Don't forget to also follow the following talks provided by Apache people: