My involvement at Alfresco DevCon 2018

Finally the next Alfresco DevCon is arriving in January and I'm very proud to have the opportunity to contribute on this event as a trainer and a speaker. I'm pretty sure that also passing some good time with other Alfresco friends in Lisbon will be nice :)

Training sessions - Tuesday 16th

If you don't know nothing about Alfresco but you want to put your fingers on it, you can join the training sessions that will be held during the first day of the conference.

This can be a good way for any newbies to become familiar with all the approaches and best practices needed for developing your content and business platform on top of Alfresco.

We will cover both the Content Services and the Process Services platform so this is a fantastic occasion for learning the basics from people that works on it from a decade.

The final session will be held by Ole Hejlskov (Developer Evangelist at Alfresco) and he will share with us how to create your own application using ADF. Practically this is the most intensive and the most comprehensive training day that Alfresco has ever made!!!

I'll work in partnership with the ECMCoreAveri Team together with my old friends Shoeb Sarguroh and Oliver Laabs, we are Certified Alfresco Instructors helping the Alfresco Training Team for delivering the introduction intensive course. We will support all the attendees on installing, configuring and developing labs during all the day.

We hope that this intensive training day will be useful for all of you that want to start a project using Alfresco.

Speaking about content migration - Thursday 18th at 15:45-16:15

After some years spent on contributing on Apache ManifoldCF inside the PMC we have started a new, and potentially overwhelming, swerve on the project: content migration.

ManifoldCF is a repository crawler that had as a primary goal manage the indexing process using scheduled jobs. After a discussion in the community, we realized that we could use it also for content migration and not only for searching purpose.

Then we started to implement some Output Connectors dedicated to this new scenario. The first connector that I have implemented is the CMIS Output Connector that allow you to migrate contents from any ManifoldCF supported repos to any CMIS-compliant repo. Notice that the core framework will manage for you also the incremental injection considering also the removed contents.

I'm very happy to have started this new adventure and during this journey, I met one of the persons that allowed me to understand better the Alfresco platform and that gave me a lot in terms of knowledge and experience: Luis Cabaceira (Solutions Architect at Alfresco).

I learnt a lot reading his white papers about sizing and performance tuning and now working strictly with him it is a huge and priceless thing for me, really, thank you man ;)

Luis started to contribute on ManifoldCF implementing an Alfresco BFSI Output Connector for making easier any migration to Alfresco. He is also became a Committer inside the project and I'm sure that he will bring a lot of value and contributions taking care of some of the current Alfresco connectors and giving a huge help on the content migration area.

We hope that our session will bring value and ideas to all of you and we really hope to receive any kind of feedback on our current work and if you want to contribute, feel free to contact me and please subscribe the ManifoldCF mailing lists.

This will help us for making a huge release of ManifoldCF that will be tagged as Content Migration Enabler scheduled on the next 2.10 version (around Q2 2018).

See you at the conference for sharing awesome experiences or only just to say hello :)

Below you will find the abstract of our presentation:

Content migration using Apache ManifoldCF Output Connectors

In our days, enterprise digital content is scattered on several independent systems and subsystems, which perform services such as user authentication, document storage, and provide search capabilities. Centralising enterprise data into a single repository is a growing necessity for organisations. Our talk proposes an approach that could be the "silver bullet" that will open a clear path for Enterprise digital content centralisation . In its genesis , Apache ManifoldCF is a crawler that allows you to manage content indexes in your search engines, this was the main goal of the product. We've realised that we could leverage ManifoldCF to also migrate content, and not only indexes, making it a very good migration tool. This talk will focus on 2 new output connectors for Apache ManifoldCF that are being developed by us.

This is just the first slide of our presentation, stay tuned and come to see me and Luis speaking about content migration using Apache ManifoldCF