Open Source Summit Europe 2017 - Wrap up

The last week I joined the Open Source Summit Europe and MesosCon in Prague for contributing to the Apache Community. Here some thoughts about contents and great people that I met at the conference.


After my session about The Journey of Apache ManifoldCF, I received some interest, not only in technical terms, but also in how the community increase its own level of maturity for becoming stronger giving much more support to users. Then I also shared some thoughts also during my interview with Sharan

Finally after tons of email, I met some Apache members: Sharan Foga, Rich Bowen, Justin Mclean and Isabel Drost-Fromm. I would like to thank all of them for welcoming me in the Apache Community Development project. I hope that my contribution also in this side of the Foundation it will bring benefits for all the community :)

During the last day we also had the opportunity to work together on some materials for the Apache Foundation, we started from the information brochure and other stuff very useful for spreading out the Apache Way and trying to involve new contributors around the community itself.

I have also met new friends here and I want to thank them for sharing their great experience and knowledge about Open Source involvement:

You can see also some photos below and in the dedicated gallery, where we discussed a lot about Open Source, InnerSource, embedded hardware with Linux and security and other topics related to all the communities where we are actually involved.

Thank you all for all the discussions and for sharing so many nice moments during the conference.


Due to my role for the duty booth, I didn't want to spend too much time for joining sessions, but I have to confess that I was impressed about some tips given by Jono Bacon, specially about how to engage users in different ways for bringing their value in the community.

Another important side of the conference was related on how a lot of companies are trying to implement Innersource as a real value proposition in terms of quality and internal engagement.

Finally I joined discontinuously some sessions about diversity, also the session taken by Sharan. I have to say that there are many ways for improving and making more easier a sane community growth, considering different population with different point of views and cultures.