Red Hat Open Source Day 2017 - Wrap up

Yesterday it was the second and the last appointment with the Red Hat Open Source Day 2017 here in Italy. I was there for taking care of the Alfresco booth duty and keeping a session with a live demo. The first event was held in Milan on 7th November and the second one in Rome on 9th November.

I would like to thank all the people who have stopped by our booth to share experiences, questions and needs around the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. I have also met old and new friends of the Alfresco Community and it was very nice to share funny moments with all of you during the event :)

I was involved together with Alfresco for taking care of the booth duty with Silvia Speranza (Country Manager @ Alfresco). My session on behalf of Alfresco was a live demo of the new Alfresco Process Services platform. Michele Quadrino (Channel Manager @ Alfresco) introduced the session and then I continued with the live demo of the platform.

For letting easier the understanding of the new visionary features of the Step Editor, I designed a simple workflow using the BPMN Editor. This process is basically related to a potential requirement to manage proposals for a Call for Paper.

The example process used for recreating the same workflow definition using the Step Editor

Then during the session I have recreated from scratch the same process but using the new Step Editor. I have also added all the needed forms and fields. The most important feature to mention about this new editor is that anyone can create a process definition without the need to know the BPMN 2.0 specification. Anyway the platform will create the standard BPMN 2.0 XML definition for you, if you want to extend the workflow using the advanced BPMN Editor later.

The Step Editor view during the editing of the process definition

In the final step of the session we have seen the user experience offered by the platform during the lifecycle of the process until the end of the workflow instance.

The user experience provided by the Alfresco Process Services platform

Hope this helps and see you at the next event ;)

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