Book contribution: Learning Alfresco Web Scripts

Packt Publishing is releasing a new book about Alfresco related to how to extend the Alfresco REST API using the Spring Web Scripts framework. I have contributed on this book as technical reviewer and this is the fourth book on which I contributed with this role.

After many years spent to keep classes about Alfresco I hope that all my suggestions have been considered for increasing the overall quality of the book.

It will be released on November 2014 and it is titled Learning Alfresco Web Scripts. The author is Ramesh Chauhan, he is an Alfresco Expert and he works at Cignex Datamatics.

This work is aimed to be a quick and enough complete reference guide for all the developers that need to go in deep on Web Scripts.

The main goal of using Web Scripts is to build your own REST API upon Alfresco and it could be based on your specific domain of interest, working for example with formats such as XML, JSON and CSV.In this way you can expose REST methods executing a set of specific operations atomically allowing to have a lightweight integration architecture.

Another great scope of this framework is related to build your own websites, fragments, portlets and dashlet, using HTML as the default output format.

As you can imagine using Web Scripts you can build portals, websites and connectors on top of Alfresco.

More informations about the book and the table of contents will be published soon, stay tuned :)

I would like to thank Packt Publishing for this opportunity of being part of another important project about Alfresco!