Apache ManifoldCF @ Alfresco Meetup

Alfresco logo

During the next Codemotion that will be held here in Rome, there will be an Alfresco Meetup in the same venue. This is a good opportunity for all the Alfresco developers that want to stay in touch with some people of the Alfresco Community.

Consider also that Jeff Potts (CCO of Alfresco) will join the event and he will have a slot during the Codemotion for talking about Apache Chemistry.

I have a slot during the Alfresco Meetup for talking about Apache ManifoldCF that can be considered the real bridge between repositories and search servers. It helps you managing the indexing process scheduling different jobs for crawling repository against search servers.

Apache ManifoldCF logo

Apache ManifoldCF supports Alfresco natively with a specific connector but during this year the CML API will be deprecated. I will introduce the new connector that I'm developing with Maurizio Pillitu (Alfresco).

This connector will have a new approach and it will be based on the WebScript API of Alfresco for retrieving transactions, nodes and ACLs.

So if you need more information about this, see you at Codemotion :)