Book review: Apache Camel Message Routing

Packt Publishing has sent me a copy of Apache Camel Message Routing written by one of my former colleagues Bilgin Ibryam.

This book is written following the new instant book format, this means that the book consists of 60 pages and the main goal is to introduce Apache Camel to developers who are new to the development of messaging applications.

Luckily I don't know nothing about Camel but I'm not new to the use of message-oriented applications so I'll try to describe my real impressions about what I have understood about the main topic that is Apache Camel.

The book is divided into three main sections: simple, intermediate and advanced. The separation of all the chapters in these zones allow developers to follow a quick approach to gradually understand the Camel framework.

In the first part of the book you will learn how to setup and create your first running project with Camel. In the second section you will see how to manage messages in different ways. Finally in the third part you will see how to manage the error handling and how to build your own test application.

Starting from the first example you can touch with your fingers Camel just writing few lines of code. The theory about each sample is described in a specific section giving the ability to learn step by step in an incremental and straightforward way.

This means that you will increase your knowledge of this framework just following every recipe included in the book. Every block will open your eyes about a specific side of the framework.

The book is well written and I didn't found any problem during the reading and I also found all the samples very interesting for the potential usage of Camel.

I have just completed to read the book and I think that it is a very quick way to be ready for implementing Camel projects. This is a foundamental contribution that will help many developers that need to approach to this framework just spending some hours of their available time.

I would like to thank Packt Publishing for providing me a digital copy of the book.