Mentioned in the last Alfresco Community hangout

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During the last hangout related to the Alfresco Community, Jeff Potts mentioned me for some of my contributions for the Alfresco Wiki.

This hangout is dedicated to discuss some aspects of the community, how the community is evolving and how we can do better to consolidate the effort and improving the feedback mechanism.

My main contribution mentioned by Jeff is Alfresco Java-Backed WebScripts Demo project that I released on Google Code. One of my roles in the community is to try to keep updated and clean the Alfresco Wiki contributing with some gardening activities.

This project lets developers to learn how to implement the Java-Backed WebScripts samples using the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle. These are the same samples described in the wiki page Java-Backed Web Scripts Samples.

I would like to thank Alfresco, and specially Jeff and Richard, for this mention because this type of reward makes contributors and supporters more proud to be part of the Alfresco Community.

I think that this can be considered a boost to do even better for improving all the materials available for any type of users.