Drools Cookbook short review

Drools Developer's Cookbook Cover

Packt Publishing sent me the new cookbook about Drools written by Lucas Amador.

I'm sorry but during these months I started to work on a new book and I could not spend enough time to write this review in a good way. That's why this time I only published a short review. Anyway let's start to discuss about this new book.

Reading the title of the book, that is Drools Developer's Cookbook, you can imagine that this is a resource dedicated to developers with medium skills on Drools framework.

For who doesn't know Drools, it is a rules engine that allows you to separate the rule tier from your application managing it with a specific framework provided by the JBoss Community.

First we must say that this is a book geared to those who have not fasted for Drools. So if you buy the book without knowing anything about Drools, remember that you have to approach other introductory readings before you start reading this book.

Then the division of chapters is based on the specific responsibility of the recipes and it seems to represent in a good way the full potential of Drools.

The book contains examples of typical use cases of the real world to introduce the advanced features of Drools. Start talking about the statement of the facts, then move on to the management and definition of models and templates.

Finally I found very interesting insights into the REST API and SOAP API.

The book is readable enough, and I must say that I actually missed a few more in-depth section especially for the first part of the book. Also because as we should proceed with the reading of official documentation before you approach the book, I had the impression it's lacking some initial information block.

Anyway I think that this is a fundamental resource for any Drools developer that wants to increase his skills on this framework. This book could be considered an advanced contribution to the official documentation of the project.

sample chapter is freely provided by Packt Publishing.

I would like to thank Packt Publishing to provide me a digital copy of the book.