GateIn Cookbook has been published

I'm proud to announce that my book titled GateIn Cookbook has been published the last week by Packt Publishing.

This is my second contribution as an author at Packt and I wrote this book together with Luca Stancapiano (Sourcesense) and Ken Finnigan (JBoss / Red Hat).

Another year spent on writing example projects and product documentation, taking some tips directly from the GateIn Portal team. 

Now it's time to thank all the people that supported me during this great adventure.

First I would like to thank my girlfriend Barbara who encouraged me during the making of the book. Spending all the weekends travelling with my laptop and trying to dedicate all the possible time to the book during the freetime: Barbara thank you so much for your patience!

Thanks to Luca and Ken for accepting the crazy challenge of writing their first book, I know guys it is not easy at all!

Then I would like to thank my company Sourcesense for giving me some days to spend on the book.

I also have to thank all the GateIn team: specially Thomas Heute and Marek Posolda for their support during the first phase of the editorial process and for reviewing some initial chapters with us. Thanks to all the people behind the product, guys without you the technical revision would not have been possible ;)

Finally thanks again to Packt Publishing for accepting the original idea proposed by me and Luca two years ago for writing this first book about GateIn.

For more information about the book please take a look at the details page.

The book is available now and you can order your copy (printed, ebook or both) using: