Proposal of a CMIS Connector for GateIn

During these days I have realized that probably it could be very useful to have an unique repository to maintain all of our contents. Whenever you need to install a portal or an ECM in your infrastructure, you need to add a new specific repository with an its own technology or a specific API.

This means that you need to implement an other client with that specific API, or you need to learn a new API, that is not a real standard. 

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) will be the new standard and cross-platform protocol dedicated to repositories. Using CMIS you can implement an unique client application that can manipulate contents with all the repositories that support this new standard.

I'm not talking about exposing a CMIS API from GateIn, as eXo has annunced some days ago, I would like to install GateIn on top of a repository

The idea behind my proposal is based on the current GateIn implementation, taking a look at the eXo JCR connector, probably we could add a new connector dedicated to manipulate the portal contents using CMIS. I need to spent time on this proposal to publish a complete analysis dedicated to estimate the needed effort.

In this way GateIn can be installed on top of every repositories. And you don't need to add a new content repository in your architecture because you can use your own and unique repository!

We could implement all the basic operations performed with the JCR connector using a CMIS implementation. For instance we could use Apache Chemistry as the CMIS implementation.

So now I need to check with all of you if this type of proposal can have a sense and if we can start to work on this.

Feel free to give me a feedback. Thank you!