My personal CC Superhero page

Be a Superhero, saving the world from failed sharing!

If you trust in what Creative Commons is doing during these years, this is the last idea born to spread the new donation campaign.

I spread Creative Commons proposals from many years ago and now I'm a CC Superhero with my personal fundraising page that now is published in the CC website. To become a CC Superhero, you have to lead the world in the fight for creativity and innovation as me :) . The goal for my campaign of 1000 USD is just a little contribution to the CC campaign and I hope to reach the target!

Thanks to Creative Commons I published in a secure way all these works:

All my works are registered in my CC profile.

Please, I'm confident that all my network could donate for this important cause, for all the talented people and their great works: software, music, photos, documents, slides, videos, etc...

My personal fundraising page