Apache Mobile Filter

Apache Mobile FilterApache Mobile Filter by Idel Fuschini is one of the latest interesting projects, written in Perl language, dedicated to the mobile world.

Thanks to this filter now is possibile to add as a plugin in the Apache HTTP Server a new and automatic way to render correctly mobile pages for mobile devices.

Apache Mobile Filter is based on one of the most used open source projects for mobile world: Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) by Luca Passani.

Infact this filter allows you to access to the WURFL database to get all the devices capabilities. In this way the filter can render correctly mobile pages and it takes care of all the device properties.

It can render correctly images thanks to an autoresize feature based on the device that invokes a request on the Apache HTTP Server.

For more information you can visit the official website with all the how-to section.

WurflWURFL is one of the leading mobile open source projects and it is  based on a great community that contribute to update database data in a community way.

Wurfl provides also WALL and WNG abstracts APIs to create mobile layout based on Wurfl API and Wurfl database.