CMIS Portlet

Alfresco Meetup

I have attended the Alfresco Meetup here in Rome with Sourcesense and we met some people of Alfresco: John Powell (CEO), John Newton (CTO), Mike Farman (DoP) and Gabriele Columbro.

The talks by John Newton and Mike Farman were based on CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) introducing the history of this new standard and who was involved during the first draft session.

CMIS is the new standard dedicated to the interoperability of repositories using two main implementation bindings: REST and SOAP.

During the afternoon we have joined the workshop session, my colleague Paolo Mottadelli introduced with some slides the proposal and then I have shown our first contribution on CMIS: CMIS Portlet.

CMIS Portlet is developed on JBoss Portal as portlet container and on the most updated CMIS implementation: CMIS Alfresco implementation.

Now the project is in work-in-progress state, we would like to release it as a new JBoss Portal portlet project (maybe in JBoss PortletSwap probably), we are talking with JBoss about it.

We have focused only on implementation of basic features (CRUD operations). The second task will be based on make more user friendly the portlet user interface.

CMIS Portlet is a standard JSR-286 portlet and now support all these following features:

  • Edit mode for credentials and APIs
  • Repository Explorer
  • CMIS Properties Viewer
  • Search by a CMIS Query
  • Upload contents

The implementation is based on CMIS REST binding and we have used Apache Abdera (client) to manage CMIS atom feeds, thanks to my colleagues Ugo Cei and Luca Stancapiano for their contribution on this project.

After the workshop sessions I have shared with John Newton and Mike Farman some tips about CMIS and I have shown them our implementation status and quality: they liked very much our contribution and considering that it is a work-in-progress project it could be a good start!

CMIS Plugfest

Ugo Cei has attended CMIS Plugfest and on these following two posts you can read more about CMIS Portlet and you can see some screenshots too about results and tests:

CMIS Plugfest Day 1

CMIS Plugfest Day 2

CMIS PlugFest (April 2009) Screenshots View more presentations from Cédric Hüsler.


Stay in touch to know more news about CMIS Portlet ;)