Spring Framework Meeting 2009 - Rome

I'll attend the italian Spring Framework Meeting 2009 and I'll involved in this event with a talk about Spring LDAP.

My talk will be based on how you can integrate LDAP in your custom J2EE application using the LdapTemplate provided by this Spring sub-framework.

Here all the details of my talk:

Spring LDAP


Spring LDAP basics: how to start to use the LdapTemplate in your custom J2EE application. This how-to will show you how to bind, unbind, search and authenticate users in your LDAP using the LdapTemplate provided by Spring.

With me there will be the following speakers too:

  • Spring JCR Extension: the easiest way to use a Java content repository (Incandela S.)
  • Spring e Adobe Flex (Teodori M.)
  • Non-conventional Android Programming (Cerbo D.)
  • MongoDB e Scala (Dessì M.)
  • Scale your database and be happy (Bossa S.)
  • LambdaJ 2.0 (Fusco M.)

All the details of this event are published on the official page.

The Spring Framework Meeting 2009 will be hosted by Spring Framework Italian User Group, JugRome and Roma Tre University of Rome.

Thank you all for organizing this event and for allowing us to share our experiences.