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Alfresco Java-Backed WebScripts demo updated

Alfresco logo

Recently I have updated my project dedicated to show how to implement Alfresco Java-Backed WebScripts. All the examples are related to the official Alfresco Wiki.

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Alfresco Wiki gardening: Java-Backed WebScripts

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During these weeks I started to contribute on the Alfresco Wiki on some of the activities related to the maintenance and the improvement of pages.

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Apache Maven 3 Cookbook review

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook CoverApache Maven 3 Cookbook Cover

Apache Maven 3 Cookbook is the new book published by Packt Publishing and it is written by Srirangan. The book shows over 50 recipes about how to use Maven in your own development process.

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Apache Maven 3 Cookbook preview

Apache Maven 3 CookbookApache Maven 3 Cookbook CoverPackt Publishing sent me the latest cookbook about Apache Maven 3 to write a review on my website.

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Android User Interface Development Book Review

Android User Interface Development is a book totally dedicated to show how to create user interfaces for mobile applications based on Google Android OS. The book is written by Jason Morris and it is published by Packt Publishing

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