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Microsoft Build 2017: Open Source and interoperability

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The last week I joined Microsoft Build 2017 in Seattle together with some members of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

I would like to share some of the good points for developers and the Enterprise field in terms of how Microsoft is continuing to adopt Open Source and Open Standards in different ways.

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My involvement in Microsoft TAG Team and Build 2017

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I'm proud to share with all of you that Microsoft invited me to join as a member of their Technical Advisory Group for contributing in the Open Source area for improving interoperability and Cloud SDK.

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Apache ManifoldCF 2.7: New UX and SharePoint 2016 support

We are proud to announce that Apache ManifoldCF 2.7 was released just some days ago.

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Apache ManifoldCF 2.6 and the new content migration feature

We are proud to announce the availability of Apache ManifoldCF 2.6 and some details about the new content migration feature that will be included in the next release!

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Devoxx 2016 in London

During my involvement at the latest Devoxx with Sourcesense and in partnership with Atlassian I discuss with a lot of people and I had a lot of fun :)

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