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Spring 2.5 Aspect-Oriented Programming Book Review

Spring 2.5 Aspect-Oriented Programming BookSpring 2.5 Aspect-Oriented Programming Book CoverSpring 2.5 Aspect-Oriented Programming by Massimiliano Dessì, is the first and unique book (332 pages) totally dedicated to Spring AOP, it was recently published by Packt Publishing.

Massimiliano Dessì works as Software Architect and Engineer for Sourcesense, who started developing JEE applications in 2000. In 2004 he discovered the Spring Framework 1.0, and since then he has been one of its most enthusiastic users.

This book is dedicated to developers that works every day on J2EE applications and they would like to know more about Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) and Spring AOP. I think that this book can be considered as a deep methodological documentation for Spring AOP.

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ivy-dbdep-ant-task 0.2 released

Apache Ivy Logo

I have released the first version of Apache Ivy Database Dependencies Plugin (ivy-dbdep-ant-task). All the parameters in the same way as dbdep project based on Apache Maven, can be configurated as Ant task parameters.

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maven-dbdep-plugin 0.2 released

Apache Maven Logo

I have released the new version of Maven Database Dependencies Plugin (maven-dbdep-plugin), and now it can be configured to support all DBMS. Now you must insert the package of database driver too as a maven parameter.

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Spring JMS: how to stop and restart a MDP

Sometimes if you working on system integration may be useful to implement a JMS queue to make asynchronous calls to other applications or software components.

More than one time it happened to me that I needed to stop message consumers of the queue, and later I needed to restart it.

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JavaDay 2009

For all italian Java users, I will attend this third edition of this major event dedicated to Java programming language: JavaDay 2009.

Javaday Roma III Edizione

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