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Codemotion event in Rome


For four years Javaday Rome offered a unique event in Italy for content, flow and spirit. The captivating atmosphere of Javaday earned and involve the participants and sponsors.

To continue to be the landmark event for developers, the Javaday evolves and becomes Codemotion.

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Alfresco 3 WCM Book Review

Alfresco 3 Web Content Management book cover

Alfresco 3 Web Content Management is the first book totally dedicated to Alfresco WCM, it is published by Packt Publishing and it is written by Munwar Shariff, Amita Bhandari, Pallika Majmudar and Vinita Choudhary.

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My personal CC Superhero page

Be a Superhero, saving the world from failed sharing!

If you trust in what Creative Commons is doing during these years, this is the last idea born to spread the new donation campaign.

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Open Source Enterprise Search European Tour

My company Sourcesense organized an important event about Enterprise Search, this is a very interesting meeting that I would like to suggest to all of you!

Sourcesense and Lucid Imagination are proud to announce this European tour during which, among other things, Lucid Imagination will present how LucidWorks Enterprise Delivers Enterprise Search:

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Alfresco 3 WCM Book Preview

Alfresco 3 Web Content Management book coverPackt Publishing sent me a copy of the new book about Alfresco called Alfresco 3 Web Content Management.

This book is written by:

  • Munwar Shariff
  • Amita Bhandari
  • Pallika Majmudar
  • Vinita Choudhary

Munwar wrote the first book about Alfresco and this is the first book completely dedicated to the Alfresco WCM extension. During these days I will start to read this book and I'll publish my review soon.

Stay tuned ;)