Apache ManifoldCF 2.7: New UX and SharePoint 2016 support
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:30AM
Piergiorgio Lucidi in apache, ecm, enterprise search, manifoldcf, open source

We are proud to announce that Apache ManifoldCF 2.7 was released just some days ago.

The most important improvements included in this new release are the following:

This version includes a total of 40 improvements and resolved issues.

New user interface

I would like to thank all the members in the ManifoldCF community and for this release with a special thank to Kishore Kumar for his huge contribution on the new user interface. Great job!

Below you can take a look at the new ManifoldCF UX:

The new user interface introduced in Apache ManifoldCF 2.7

Microsoft SharePoint 2016

We have invested a lot of time and effort for aligning each new SharePoint release with ManifoldCF and, without receiving external support, we have achieved with success also this new release.

I would like to remind that ManifoldCF fully supports SharePoint in this ways:

For more details about the SharePoint connectors please see the ManifoldCF documentation.

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