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My name is Piergiorgio Lucidi and welcome to my website! 

I'm an Open Source enthusiast grown up playing videogames and programming with Commodore 64 and AMIGA computers. Later I started to approach to the PC DOS and Windows and finally to Linux.

I work every day integrating and extending ECM and WCM applications as the Technology Master of Enterprise Information Management at Sourcesense.

I also work at Packt Publishing as Author and Technical Reviewer, my first book Alfresco 3 Web Services was published in August 2010.

My experience in programming and development was built thanks to the Open Source communities that helped me a lot, that's why I decided to contribute in some Open Source projects in the JBoss Community for portals and then in the Apache Software Foundation.

I'm also a musician, I started to play guitar at the age of sixteen with passion after a lot of listening Jazz and Blues music, now I'm one of the co-founder of the Jazz/Fusion band LOB Tech Tones

I work at Sourcesense with the following roles:

  • Technology Evangelist
  • Lead of Enterprise Information Management area
  • Open Source ECM Specialist / Architect
  • Mentor of the ECM Team


  • Alfresco Certified Trainer
  • Alfresco Recognized Developer
  • Alfresco Certified Engineer (License XDAC59)
  • Alfresco Certified Administrator (License Z4NRWX)
  • Adobe CQ5 Certified Developer
  • Crafter Developer

I work on content management and system integration applications. I work mainly on Alfresco ECM and JBoss Portal for portal solutions.

I also contribute at these company with the following roles:

I'm an open source enthusiast, Creative Commons Supporter, and I'm trying to expand open culture joining barcamps and open events.

I'm a Jazz Guitarist, this is my second job, and I have released my music works under Creative Commons License.


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